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Filter who you see by age, distance, gender, school, and interests. Your next roommate, best friend, dance partner, and/or gym buddy is on LINK waiting to meet you! LINK enables you to feel more connected with the world around you and facilitate new, irl relationships.

Add friends to your intimate friend list. Keep track of them and all the new people you meet on LINK. Make groups and communicate easily with the people in your list. Friends > Followers.

Meeting new people alone is no longer the only option. Groups allow you to meet new people with the comfort of the people you already know. Just because you’re with somebody else shouldn’t mean you can’t meet new people with them. Let’s stop saying “...I’m with a friend” like that’s a bad thing. 

Nobody likes going to events alone, so you shouldn't have to find them alone either. Find experiences on your events page, send them to your groups, and get tickets together. Whether that’s sporting events, food festivals or late night dancing, find it with your groups on the events page.

Chats are organized by who you’re talking to. Talk to a friend individually in a Chain chat, with your friends in a Group chat, or to a new group with your friends in a LINK chat. It’s not your average group chat: messages from other groups are displayed on the opposite side of chats from you and your group. When we say experience together, we mean it.

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