Our Story

Do you really feel most comfortable meeting new people alone?
We didn't think so.
In a post-covid world, we appreciate the value of spending time with friends and doing things together more than ever. However, the only way to meet new people online is through a sea of individual-oriented apps: all by yourself.

When we realized this, we knew we had to build something.

Connecting with new friends, discovering exciting experiences, and spending memorable times with others are some of the most valuable things in life and that’s exactly what we want to let people do with LINK. We've been working diligently to build a product that is actually social. Something that gets you to real life. Our goal is to be the hub for groups. But being with a group can be harder than it has to be, so we want to make it easier. Easier to split the bill, to buy tickets together, and easier to find plans, together. LINK strives to empower individuals by letting them accomplish more with their friends and do more together.

How many good group photos do you have with your best friends? The answer is probably not enough.